The Internet goes Gaga

You can say many things about Lady Gaga, but she certainly knows how to do publicity well. Last night at 11.30pm she released the promo video to her track Telephone (in collaboration with R’n’ B goddess Beyonce), which is released on Monday, and within 12 hours it had racked up over half a million views. In fact, as this article is being written, exactly 1,135,828 people had watched it.

It’s not hard to see why either. Let’s put it this way: there’s a somewhat suggestive tone to the film (sample quote from a butch female prison guard: ‘I told you she didn’t have a d***’), and frankly a rather strong undercurrent of lesbian sexual assault throughout the whole thing. This is without mentioning strongly lezzy nature of her and Beyonce's screen friendship. It’s no wonder a large selection of internet weirdoes have been watching the video, to be honest. Check it out below, you sick, sick perverts.

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