The King is Alive

Jay-Z's "The Blueprint 3" is the Jiggaman's 11th studio album - so it's no wonder he's got the hang of the writing thing by now! Already a huge success on the back of leaked releases in August, (thanks Timbaland) Blueprint 3 has had some huuge credit given by a lot of major critics. 39 year old Gray-Z is as on point as ever with what the punters want, successfully blending commercial styles with punch in the gut "street cred" lyrics. While the album has a massive East Coast flavour, it remains "gangsta" enough to appeal to lovers of the harder side of rap.

Big name stars like Alicia Keys, Rihanna and the controversial "Kanye West" (who part produced) help to really drive home the hooks, and the fact that they are fully utilized keeps it from feeling like a blatant push for sales.

Not only is "The Blueprint 3" a cunningly put together album, using just the right amount of big name glitz and glamour while also staying true to the roots of rap, Jay-Z himself was pretty confident he was onto a winner. "I Crush Elvis and his blue suede shoes" he says in Reminder. And crush him he did. With 476,000 album sales in a week, the Jiggaman has outsold The King. Jay-Z for global domination?

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