The King Of Cryptic

ARRRRGGGGHHHH Radiohead’s new album is out this Saturday (19 Feb) and like many millions of music fans we’re VERY VERY VERY excited!

It’s been 5 years (lazy) since Tom Yorke’s posse released the audio delight that was their album ‘In Rainbow’, but earlier this week they announced they will release their follow-up this weekend. Details we know so far are that it will be a ‘newspaper album’ (no one’s really sure what this means, yet), it will be called ‘The King Of Limbs’, will be available to download on Saturday and the physical CD/Vinyl will be out in the Spring.

Now Radiohead have posted a cryptic clue on Twitter, in Japanese leading to speculation that they could play live in the country tomorrow (18 Feb). Transalated into the more palatable English the Tweet says 'Hachiko Square Shibuya, 59 minutes at 18 Friday'. No other finer facts are known but rumours have it that they will perform live in Tokyo’s Hachiko Square at 6.59pm Japanese time, which is 4.59am UK time on Saturday.


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