The Kinks for Glasto

If you’ve ever been to Glastonbury then you’ll know that the three Pyramid stage headliners are never the highlights of the weekend. Even if this year the world’s biggest band U2, one of the world’s best live acts Muse and one of the world’s greatest legends Stevie Wonder is playing.

If you had to poll the 100,000+ crowd, the ones who were able to string a sentence together would say the pick of the bunch was Sunday afternoon and the ‘legends slot’. In the past the prestigious slot has played host to the likes of Rolf Harris, Tony Christie, Neil Diamond, Page & Plant and now The Kinks leg-end Ray Davies can be added to that list.

Glasto chief farmer Michael Eavis let slip to efestivals.co.uk; ‘Ray Davies with his friends and with a choir and all those Kinks songs are going to be absolutely unbelievable. Ray has got the 5 o'clock slot, the legend's slot. His songs are so original and unique, it's going to be great.’

Anyone fancy a wager with us he’ll be playing ‘Sunny Afternoon’? No?

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