The Kinks reform

Damon Albarn famously said that if there were no Kinks there would be no Blur. Taking this to its logical conclusion, if there was no Blur there’d be no Gorillaz and more importantly no Oasis Vs Blur Britpop mid-nineties chart battle.....

Stand alone, The Kinks were one on the best bands not only during their sixties hey day but of all time. Sadly they called it a day in 1996 after numerous spats (grow up guys!) and since then rumours that they would get the old band back together for one last album and tour have been optimistic at the best. However, it looks like we will see that day after all. Talking to SpinnerMusic Kinks drummer Mike Avory has confirmed an album of old as-yet unreleased songs as well as new material and a tour in the pipeline.

‘Things are always bubbling under or over with The Kinks’ said Avory, ‘we are certainly doing another album. We've got old tracks which need to be baked. You have to go through this process to transfer them to digital, it's a bit of a process and you only get one shot at it. We've certainly got eight tracks we could use there, so we're going to have to do some more to make the numbers up for an album.’

The Kinks supported by Blur and Gorillaz rumour start here.

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