The knives are out for Tulisa. Why?

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Why does tabloid culture hate Tulisa with such a venom? Is it a class thing? Is it because they see her as a ‘chav’? Is it because she’s a young woman who – shock horror – has sex and takes drugs? Is it because she’s not prostrate in shame that she had a bit of an asbo themed past? Surely breaking out of that makes her a success, not a failure.

This sting – conducted by the Sun on Sunday’s (or is that the News of the World’s) Mazher Mahmood. Why? How? How far did they have to go to inveigle someone into admitting a connection with drugs that almost all ‘celebrities’ have.

A sordid picture is emerging. Apparently Tulisa was contacted by fake film executives who offered her £8 million to appear in a Bollywood film. The scam was elaborate, thorough and maintained the subterfuge for months, drawing Tulisa deeper and deeper into a web of deceit. There is no hard evidence that this sting was the same one that yielded the Sun on Sunday’s grubby, prurient story, but the chances of there having been two such cons run on her at the same time are extremely small. A figure of £150,000 has been suggested by journalists investigating from another newspaper, and while The Sun denies that, there can be no doubt that they went to immense time, expense and convoluted effort, all to entrap Tulisa. Is she really that relevant? Is what she was doing so in need of exposure? Why can’t they channel these resources into exposing something that actually affects us as a society?

And to top off a horrendous few weeks for poor old Tulisa, the spectre has now been raised of someone from her past going on Big Brother and telling inflammatory tales about her misspent youth. What is it with Tulisa and betrayal? First the boyfriend with the leaked video, then these ‘film executives’ and now possibly this wannabee.

A source close to this new character said “Tulisa should be very worried. This guy has known her, Dappy and Fazer for years and used to write music with them when they were all in their teens.

“He is very well-placed to know a lot about some of the darker side of Tulisa’s character. This could be massive for her.”

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