The Libertines scoop Festival award

Summer’s nearly over! And it ain’t coming back for like another 9 months, so live with it! But what was the highlight of British summer 2010? Well, glad you asked because the NME have conducted a neat little survey which sheds light on that very burning question.

According to readers of the NME the 2010's Defining Festival Moment was The Libertines and their comeback performances at the Reading & Leeds Festivals. Not only did they sow up the big award with a triumphant 43% of the votes, the indie poptarts also scooped the Anthem Of The Summer with their 2003 smasher ‘Don’t Look Back Into The Sun’ AND the Best Festival Comeback. KA-and-BOOM!

Of course, if you read other publications, The Libertines' Reading show was deemed a little lacklustre. Who to believe people? Who to believe?

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