The Libertines set to reform for £2m

The Libertines look set to reform after former singer Pete Doherty revealed that group received an offer of £2m to headline a summer festival.

Speaking to the NME, Doherty revealed that he is set to bury the hatchet with former band mate Carl Barat. "We had some ridiculous offers to headline Reading. £2million to headline this festival, £1million to headline that festival and I said, 'Why don't we just do it? Let's get the old band back together.'"

While Doherty admits that he is motivated solely by the money he told the NME that Barat wants the reunion to be founded on the volatile couple patching up their differences: "He said, 'Yeah, but we can't travel in separate cars.' 'Well, why would we?' and he said, 'We have to be friends, we can't just do it for the money. I said, 'OK, well let's be friends! Friends who go and make lots of money together' y'know, because I haven't got any money and I know he's skint. "

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