The Lightning Seeds World Cup gig

There are two things that any decent football hooligan likes to accompany an England World Cup match: one is of course beer (lots of it), and the other a good ole fashion sing song (on the assumption the bleeding Germans didn’t knock them out on penalties... again, of course).

During England's road to lifting the World Cup/losing all their group matches [delete where applicable], the Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen will play host to a series of footie gigs starting with a live brass band before the evening KO with the USA on Saturday 12th June. Their 2nd group match against Algeria will see the festivities aided by The Sunshine Underground. But the big draw (pun intended) will be The Lightning Seeds, playing after the Slovenia game on June 23rd.

Interested? Then why the ‘eck don’t you give 0871 230 1094 a cheeky little call to book tickets? What? You’re Scottish?

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