The London Killers

Are you a fan of The Killers? Of course you are. Well, if you live in London this will come as nothing but fine news to you. The Las Vegans have announced TWO tiny London shows, and when we say tiny, we mean tiny.

The Killers have long been confirmed to headline the Hard Rock Calling festival in Hyde Park on June 24th, and to help ease them into this outdoor gigs they will play two warm-up shows at the Scala in Kings Cross. We’re talking a capacity of 750 people. So, if you take away blaggers, the hangers-on and the C-list celeb list, there will be at least 8 tickets for us norms to get our hands on.

The Scala gigs are on June 22nd & 23rd and although The Killers are a US band, they first broke in the UK so technically we’re calling these homecoming gigs.

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