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In a revealing list that sidesteps the carefully choreographed PR veneers to give some insight into the nature of the corporate music business, US industry bible, Billboard have released their Power List 2013. The higher echelons are populated by a worryingly disproportionate number of ageing white men in suits, which pretty much tells you most of what you need to know about pop music.

In at number one is Lucian Grainge, the chairman of Universal Music Group, who left the oily spectre of Simon Cowell trailing in a distant 30th place. Grainge’s placement seems largely based on Universal’s $1.9 billion acquisition of record label EMI last September and the rapid turnaround of a chunk of that deal to Warner Music for $762 million. Just makes you tingle all over with an intoxicating sense of artistic magic doesn’t it?

Coran Capshaw takes number 2 based on his management of merchandising missionary Miley Cyrus, the Dave Matthews Band, and his interests in various festivals including Lollapalooza.

Next up is Martin Bandier, CEO of publisher Sony/ATV Music Publishing, at No. 3, while Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino placed fourth and Doug Morris, chairman and CEO of Sony Music Entertainment, completed the top five. Triples all round at Sony then.

Music stars (many of whom are moguls in their own right) like U2, Jay Z and Lady Gaga were noticeable by their absence as a cavalcade of executives that wouldn’t look out of place at a Goldman Sachs self congratulation dinner peeked out from behind the veil of lucrative anonymity.

Here is the top 10 – an unspecified and almost certainly fictional prize will be awarded to the lucky reader who has heard of any of them

1. Lucian Grainge, Chairman, Universal Music Group

2. Coran Capshaw, Founder/Owner, Red Light Management and Starr Hill Presents

3. Martin Bandier, CEO, Sony/ATV Music Publishing

4. Michael Rapino, CEO, Live Nation Entertainment

5. Doug Morris, Chairman/CEO, Sony Music Entertainment

6. Len Blavatnik, Founder/Chairman, Access Industries

7. Rob Light, music head, Creative Artists Agency

8. Tim Leiweke, President/CEO, Anschutz Entertainment Group

9. Marc Geiger, music head, William Morris Endeavor

10. Jimmy Iovine, Chairman, Interscope Geffen A&M

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