The name's Gaga, Lady Gaga

What’s happened to the James Bond theme tune? When big guns of the past were asked to do a song for a Bond theme it was seen as a privilege which spurred on the composers (Paul McCartney, Duran Duran, Carly Simon etc) not to just write a great song for a film but a great excuse to write one of their best ever songs.

But since Madonna had a bash at tackling a tune for The World Is Not Enough, it’s all gone a little downhill with songs that aren’t classics and simply aren’t memorable enough to even hum. Next up though it looks like in vogue belly dancer Lady Gaga will be doing the next installment.

To improve the odds of writing a classic, according to The People, Elton John may be brought in to duet with Ms Gaga. He said; ‘I'm really pleased that Lady GaGa is up for the theme tune. She's fantastic and it would be amazing to do a duet.’

Hmmm, Elton John penned a song, sung by Lady Gaga? It’s either going to be bloody brilliant or f****** s***!

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