The National attacked for supporting Obama

American rock band The National have received some flak for playing a Democratic Party campaign rally to raise funds for Barack Obama’s election campaign. The show in Des Moines provoked crticism and abusive messages on Facebook.

Although high-profile stars like Bruce Springsteen and Jay-Z have expressed their support for Obama, it seems that the Brooklyn indie group were pilloried for making their political affiliations overt.

The band are unabashed about taking a stance, saying the upcoming election is "more important than any rock band". "I know we've gotten responses from people who don't like the fact that we've taken a position on it," singer Matt Berninger told The Lantern. "I don't actually think artists or musicians necessarily have a responsibility to do that. But in our case, the five of us talked about it and we were like, 'Yeah, it's worth it, for sure'."

Berninger expanded on the band’s commitment to Obama. "A lot of the people I grew up with who are very conservative feel a little bit alienated by the current sort of version of the Republican party," he said. "I think many of them don’t feel represented by the Republican party anymore, so there’s more at stake this time, just with the way the whole political landscape has shifted."

He wants to make voters aware of the importance of the ballot. "I think it’s just trying to get people to think that it matters to them. You have a huge influence and it’s one vote, but it’s a big deal."

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