The National Trust theieves says John Lydon

The National Trust seems like a nice enough organisation, doesn't it? It's the nations great protector of special places, and appears to be fighting the Government's plan to destroy green spaces for the Gods of 'economic development'. However what if we were to tell you that they were also thieves? Would you be surprised?

Former Sex Pistol John Lydon has accused the NT of being just that after he revealed that they didn't ask his permission to use two Pistols songs on an upcoming punk album. The bounders! The album, which is called Never Mind The Dovecotes, includes 'Pretty Vacant' and 'Anarchy in the UK' , tracks Lydon says they just half-inched. Very naughty.

'I would like to be able to trust the National Trust but from this point forward I can't,' Lydon said. 'I was very proud to collaborate with The National Trust back in 2003 and voice a radio advert for them.

'No-one however has even spoken to myself or my management or had a conversation with myself or my management about this album. Never Mind The.... Permission.

'Thievery as I have always thought seems to come from very high places. Whatever happened to the art of conversation? As of yet, I am still not sure what the game is in all this. I love my England, my honest England. My heart is true, but this particular situation seems deeply sneaky and we are waiting to be supplied with information on this chain of events, and the answer better be good.'

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