The new Rolling Stones

As the musical rumour mill goes into a spin over whether The Rolling Stones will play a special 50th anniversary concert in London next year, lead snarler Mick Jagger has confirmed that he has formed a new super-group.

Talking to the NME, our Mick has revealed that he’s working on a new project called Super Heavy, which features Joss Stone, Damien Marley and Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics. ‘The four of us got together and thought we'd go into a studio and throw some things around, see what would happen, if we'd have fun’ he told the magazine, ‘We didn't know what kind of music we'd make. We knew it would be a laugh, because we all got on. But you can have a laugh and nothing comes out, y'know.’

Adding; ‘We've got some more reggae songs, some rock, some ballads, some soul music. We'd all leap in with our ideas, getting excited about one another. We're four vocalists, we've never worked like that before. It's great because the whole burden's not on you, and that made it fun. There are a lot of different musical styles, maybe even some we've invented.’

It’s not the first time Mick has worked with Dave Stewart and Joss Stone, they contributed duets to the soundtrack to the recent Alfie movie remake.

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