The original and best

Last month news circulated that the original Sugababes line-up had met up to think about reforming, after their band had finally been shorn of all of its original members. Now it seems those plans are becoming more concrete, as the girls have hired Peter Andre’s manager Claire Powell (the one who had a row with Jordan a while back) to look after them. Whether or not she’s been employed to mediate all the inevitable rows hasn’t been confirmed.

‘The comeback is gathering momentum,’ said a source to The Sun. ‘Mutya had a lot of convincing to do to get the girls around the table to sort things out. That happened last week and they are all game to give it a go. Mutya's manager knows he needs some muscle to make it a commercial success and he's called in his old pal Claire.

‘The other girls are delighted to be back in touch. They are bang up for it with the new management team. They are now looking for a record deal and have started planning for a big launch next year.’

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