The pen is mightier than the line

Anyone who was a teenager in 1997 can remember the level of anticipation that surrounded Be Here Now, Oasis’ third album. The band had more or less taken over the world with the success of their first two records (Definitely Maybe and What’s The Story... Morning Glory), played to a stupidly big crowd at Knebworth and generally looked like kings of British rock ‘n’ roll.

Alas, it’s release was the signal that they had jumped the shark, a mixture of cocaine and hubris taking them down the route of bloated arrogance, and they never regained the magic. You could say that the 90s died at that moment, but you’d have to be a pretentious arse to think that. Suffice to say looking back, Noel Gallagher wishes he had exercised a bit more quality control, and been more ruthless with his editing. It probably would have helped, you know.

I can't listen to any of that album, it's too long,’ said Gallagher in an interview that the NME have helpfully taken down from their site. ‘I wish I'd have exercised a bit more quality control on that and edited the songs down. On the flip side of that…it was a fucking great time to be alive in that band. I'll tell you what man, it was the best time ever. Ever!’

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