The Rage Factor

A long long time ago in a galaxy far far away there was a great chart battle between two musical ditties to be the UK Christmas No.1. Fighting for the good people of planet Earth was the charming guitar driven song ‘Killing In The Name’ by US grunge rockers Rage Against The Machine and, representing the evil, slack-jawed, bed-wetting, tone-deaf team Cowell was ‘The Climb’ by androgynous Geordie Joe McElderry. Thanks to a Facebook campaign, a and the promise of a free gig if they won, RATM were gracious victors.

Details of the promised free RATM gig have now been confirmed. It will take place in London’s Finsbury Park on June 6. 40,000 people will win tickets via lottery, and to enter you need to register at theragefactor before the midnight this Sunday (Feb 14).

Breaking the news to Zane Lowe on Radio 1, the RATM guitarist said; ‘we promised to play a free show if our song was number one at Christmas and here we come. We were very happy that our song was a vehicle for what was truly a grassroots people's revolution.'

Power to the people!

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