The Rap Atlas

You've heard the references on your favourite rapper's tracks - be it Jay-Z shouting out the Kit Kat Club to Cam'ron bigging up Bad Boy Records. But unless you were there in the 90s, you can't get a sense of how close together all these landmarks were.

Until now. The ultra-nifty Rap Map shows you on a Google Map of Manhattan the location of these hallowed rap grounds and many more, including Quad Studios, where Tupac Shakur was shot in 1994. You really get a sense of the days when hip-hop ruled the streets - streets which are now full of million-dollar apartments for professionals.

And it's not just New York - there's a map for Atlanta, one for Chicago, Los Angeles, Memphis and more. There's even one for San Francisco. We never realised any rapping happened there. Unless you count the Village People...

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