The Rihanna conundrum

Has Rihanna taken the stage directions 'be sexy' too far? The singer stands accused by The Daily Mail of baring too much flesh on the cover of her new album Loud. We have to say, the photographic evidence is pretty breathtaking *loosens top collar*....

It's over to the Mail for the nuts and bolts: 'The first shot sees the 21-year-old crawling on her hands and knees in a desert setting completely topless with a strategically placed arm, and a breeze blowing up her flouncy skirt to give a glimpse of her behind'….'The most shocking image is undoubtedly one that does not show the singer's face, but is a close-up of her bare legs and crotch. Only her hands and a perhaps symbolic pink flower cover her modesty.'

Yes, these snaps aren't ones to flick through with granny. But is RiRi worse than any other manufactured girl-star of her ilk? Britney hopskotched onto the scene in a school uniform and knee high socks to a storm of controversy. (And, er, look where she is now). Cristina Aguilera made a fashion statement out of crotchless pants. And now even the famously straight laced Beyonce has been labelled 'inappropriate' after a sizzling perfume advert she stars in shows too much flesh.

All the evidence suggests that everyone's at it. Unfortunately for the girls, this is the best way of shifting records and making lots of fast cash (to be siphoned off by fat, rich bosses.) So Rihanna love, carry on doing what you're doing. *depressed sigh*

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