The Road to Damascus

They may have successfully bored the bejeezers out of Glastonbury, but Gorillaz aren’t the type to rest on their laurels. There’s a whole world out there, and it is screaming for a good old environmental disaster sing-along. Shrugging off that notorious appearance, the band packed up their troubles in the cartoon bag and performed a triumphant headline set last Sunday in the Syrian capital, Damascus.

Their appearance at the Citadel in the city centre makes Gorillaz the first UK band to perform in the capital. Damon Albarn gathered all the usual suspects for the gig, which is now being streamed on NPR.org. Band members were joined by Clash pair Mick Jones and Paul Simonon, plus De La Soul, Kano, Bashy, the National Orchestra For Arabic Music, Bootie Brown and Bobby Womack.

He told BBC newsbeat ‘by virtue of being the first big western act to arrive in Damascus I think hopefully that's the beginning of a dialogue, and that in itself is meaningful for Syria as a whole. I'm surprised that no one has ever come here before, for us it's just a wonderful experience.’

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