The Rolling Stones to re-release 'Some Girls'

Of all the records in the Rolling Stones' back catalogue, 'Some Girls' is hardly the one cited as a classic. It's archetypal late period Stones, with the band lounging around, playing an unfamiliar disco sound, and looking like gone-to-seed pimps. We love it, of course, but that doesn't really mean anything, so it has come as something of a shock that they're re-releasing it.

The band have remastered the LP, and will be releasing it in digital, deluxe and super-deluxe editions, with new packaging, previously unseen photos of the band taken by Helmut Newton and liner noted by Stones fanatic Anthony DeCurtis. The Super-Deluxe version will come with all that, as well as 7-inch single of 'Beast of Burden', featuring its original artwork.

'We did 'Exile [On Main Street]', we did a lot of different takes, a lot of different cuts that hadn't come out before,' said Mick Jagger to Spinner magazine. 'So we're doing the similar kind of thing with 'Some Girls', so I've just been doing them because a lot of them weren't complete, so I had to complete them, and then we're going to mix those and put them out.'

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