The Saturdays 'do a Lohan'

These days, if you want column inches with an extra portion of edge on the side, it's vital to channel everyone's favourite jailbird Lindsay Lohan. So that's precisely what the blandest band in pop have done. The Saturdays have got all dolled up in their orange jumpsuits, shaking their prison bars and emoting for all they're worth. Hollyoaks awaits...

Meanwhile, Rochelle 'revealed' in the Heat interview that her boyfriend, JLS's Marvin, is just so, like, awful, because he's completely perfect, 'He’s the worst boyfriend because he doesn’t put on weight. We will sit there and eat every takeaway. I’ll put on the pounds and he’ll remain with his six-pack till the cows come home. He’s my dream man and I’m not afraid to admit it. We’ve found somewhere and we’re moving in together in about eight weeks. I’m so excited. Marvin’s got really good taste, so we’re picking stuff together.'

Ah, young love - we're so wonderfully happy for you. *Voms in bucket*

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