The Saturdays: 'My Heart Takes Over'

Ever since Girls Aloud toned down their operations the UK pop scene has been crying out for a girl group that can kick out the jams as well as they did. The Saturdays seem to be going directly for their crown: five good looking, pert young girls with a fine set of lungs and a good idea of how to make a classic pop hit.

The group have unveiled their new single 'My Heart Takes Over', which is to be released on 13 November. That's one hell of a time they're giving the people to get used to the tune. Anyway, the track, which is the third to be taken from their fourth (yes, fourth!) studio album, is a three minute pop ballad which barely deviates form the norm. It's heavily influenced by the R 'n' B warblings of Leona Lewis, and doesn't really get the pulses racing. It seems that they've got a way to go before they grab the throne.

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