The saviours of rock n roll

If you’ve lived in London for more than a few years and you like your live music, ignoring the echoing hanger of the 02 Arena, then you’ll be aware that gig venues are struggling to keep their doors open & the amps on.

One such venue is the 100 Club, the legendary venue that played an important part in the careers of bands like The Sex Pistols and The Rolling Stones. Due to a rent-hike, the current owner announced that they’ve been forced to close. Naturally this gained a lot of decent exposure amongst the music elite with the likes of Sir Paul McCartney and Liam Gallagher backing campaigns to keep it open.

The 100 Club has since been saved and now the name of it’s saviour has been confirmed, please put your hands together, or should that be feet? For Converse...the funky shoe company. The statement from Converse said; ‘Converse and the 100 Club both share a love for music and this partnership is a great opportunity to reunite the 100 Club with a generation who experienced history inside its walls, as well as introduce it to a new generation with a vow to bring the best in music to its legendary stage.’

We don’t know how this will affect the dress code ‘sorry mate, can’t come in with those shoes etc.

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