The second British invasion

We love Tiny Tempah: the man is one of the key figures in the rise of Britain’s new pop, a modern take on black American music, shot through with dashes of Jamaican dancehall culture, underground Grime and Hip-Hop and lashing of good old pop sensibility. So we’re delighted that this new music is being successfully exported to the States, just like it’s equivalent was back in the 1960s. History is like repeating itself and that.

The Londoner’s latest single ‘Written In The Stars’ has set a sales record in the USA, making him the first British rapper to hit platinum sales with their debut single, cracking the top 15 on the US Hot 100 chart. That means that he’s sold one million copies of the single, which has peaked at number 12. Given that this is probably the weakest track on the album, we can confidently predict that he’s going to be doing some serious business over there. Good lad.

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