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Are you a soppy 80s revivalist? Did you have a strange fixation on indie's biggest loudmouth, Morrissey? Of course you are. That means that you'll also be very happy to hear that there's a new series of comic books based on the songs of The Smiths, and that they're being premièred this autumn.

The project – United and Take Over: Comic Stories Inspired By The Smiths – is the brainchild of Shawn Demumbrum, who will compile the 13 strips (listed below) and take them to November's Tuscan Comic-con. Neat, eh? More details are here.

'The song acts as an inspiration, jumping off point, theme or mood for the story. Each story varies in style and genre,' Demumbrum explained. 'As a teen in the '80s, one of my favourite soundtracks was the Pretty in Pink soundtrack. While training for cross country, I played the cassette over and over on my Walkman as I ran.

'There was always something about The Smiths' 'Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want'. It tapped into my teenage psyche, a combination of loneliness and yet hopeful optimism, that only Morrissey's vocals seem to capture.'

  • 'Death at One's Elbow' - Glen Curren and Madame M
  • 'Shoplifters of the World Unite' - Shawn Demumbrum and Matt Goodall
  • 'Rubber Ring' - Dennmann
  • 'Girlfriend in a Coma' - JP Manzanares
  • 'Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before' - Henry Barajas and Christian Vilaire
  • 'Cemetry Gates' - Libbi Richand Mickey Chaney
  • 'That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore' - Emily Rich and Jenn Fuguet
  • 'How Soon is Now?' - Foo! and Sam Lagreen
  • 'Pretty Girls Make Graves' - Thomas Healy and Justin Miller
  • 'Panic' - Matthew Burke and Joshua Green
  • 'What Difference Does It Make?' - Michael Kessler and Jeff Pina
  • 'Handsome Devil' - Shelby Robertson
  • 'Suffer Little Children' - John Chibak

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