The Smiths reform

Not for all the oil in the Middle East will The Smiths ever get back together, no chance, never. Although their importance in the British music has never been debated, the idea of the legendary Manc band getting their act together, sweeping all gripes under the carpet and playing a gig is classic pub ammo. When there's even the slightest sighting of them out together, the music press soil their pants with giddy excitement.

This time three quarters of The Smiths (minus guitarist Johnny Marr) have been spotted in London watching buzz band The Drums. Although not together, the first spot was at the Deaf Institute with Andy Rourke (bass) and Mike Joyce (drums) both in the crowd on March 30th. Morrissey then witnessed the same band the following night where he was spotted propping up at the bar of the Old Blue Last in East London.

Keeping his cool Jonathan Pierce,lead singer of the Drums told NME: ‘It's always cool when people we respect come out to our shows’.

What the hell! It's April 1st! We can confirm The Smiths are getting back together, they're headlining Glastonbury and the new album is out in the shops now. You're welcome.

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