The Spice Girls are back

A while back you may have noticed that Mel B was plotting all kinds of sneaky secretive plans to get The Spice Girls back together for some sort of project or other. There were rumours that she wanted everyone back to do something for the World Cup this summer, but she and the rest of the gang were keeping resolutely mum, the naughty little minxes.

However, Emma Bunton has now revealed that they are in fact doing some unspecified thing together, though she was reticent to say exactly what it was they were coming up with. Honestly, some people. She was asked directly whether anything was bubbling and replied ‘absolutely, a new venture of some sort.’ However the coy act soon returned.

‘We are always creative when we get together and come up with ideas. Sometimes they surface, sometimes they don't. We're not at a point where we can say what.’ Just tell us damn you! Typical women, always hinting but never coming out with it....

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