The Stone Roses to reform?

There are two rumours in pop music that are guaranteed to get ageing indie boys and girls frothing at the gusset, and that never, ever go away: the reunion of either The Stone Roses or The Smiths. It’s the indie perennial, the news that is guaranteed to generate hits for your website. It’s also, apparently in the Stone Roses case, actually on the cards. For real this time.

The Sun has reported this morning that Ian Brown and John Squire have settled their differences, after meeting up at the funeral of former bandmate Mani’s mum, and that a ‘megabucks’ reunion is now lined up to happen later in the year. They don’t appear to have any evidence for that, mind you. Or at least, if they do then they’re not sharing it with the great unwashed.

‘Ian has been mulling over reaching out to John for a while now,’ said a source to the tabloid. ‘A lot of water has gone under the bridge and everyone has grown up. Ian has just gone through a tough time with a divorce and then Mani's mum's funeral brought everyone back under the same roof.

‘It was an emotional reunion. There were no harsh words. It was a heart-warming breaking of bread. They had a lot to catch up on and have been in regular contact since.’

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