The Streets release new mixtape

The Streets has released a new mixtape as a free download, in anticipation of his new album Computers and Blues.

Cyberspace and Reds Deluxe Edition, whioch was previously only available to iPhone users who scanned a barcode from his site and that of a ‘300g tin of tomato soup by a well known brand’ onto the phones. However now those of us who haven’t been sucked in by the Apple hype machine can get the tape, which has been released via the bin.kr website.

‘This is for all my android, nokia and blueberry haters,' wrote Mike Skinner on Twitter. 'The deluxe edition of cyberspace and reds featuring fresh barz on the robots tune by frisco (sic). Also a new song featuring the beat i posted the other week with joey g-zus and my final ever recorded rap. not forgetting the loudmouth tune that's been fixed.’

  1. 'Came In Through The Door (feat. Kano)
  2. '4 O'Clock'
  3. 'Don't Hide Away' (feat. Wiley, Rinse, Ice Kid)
  4. 'Too Numb' (feat. RoxXxan)
  5. 'Backseat Barz' (feat. Loudmouth)
  6. 'Tidy Nice And Neat' (feat. Ghost Poet)
  7. 'The Morning After The Day Off On One' (feat. Trim)
  8. 'Cinema Barz' (feat. Jammer)
  9. 'Breakbat Barz' (feat. Scru Fizzer )
  10. 'Something To Hide'
  11. 'Robots Are Taking Over' (feat. Envy, Elro, Frisco)
  12. 'Cross That Line' (feat. Fumin)
  13. 'Minding My Own' (feat. Wretch32)
  14. 'At The Back Of The Line' (feat. Joey G-Zus)

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