The Sugababes 2

Mutya Buena joked after Keisha Buchanan was sacked from The Sugababes that the original members should form a new band, called The Sugacubes or something. No wait, that’s already taken. Anyway, apparently Buena has thought about her little joke and realised that it would be a great idea to hook up with Keisha and Siobhan Donaghy again, even approaching Donaghy with the idea. Whether they’ll be able to sit in a room for five minutes without tearing each others’ hair out is another matter, of course.

‘She met up with Mutya for the first time in ages over the summer and they got on well,’ said a friend of Siobhan’s. ‘Now Mutya is convinced the original three could be huge again.

‘She was on the phone all last weekend trying to convince the girls to reform. Siobhan’s considering it.’

It’s being taken seriously enough that ‘a friend’ (read: PR or someone like that) of Keisha’s is commenting on the story. If this ‘friend’ of Keisha’s knows that Mutya is interested in reforming the band then she has obviously approached her with the idea. Interesting.

‘Mutya is very keen to do this,’ said the ‘friend’. ‘Keisha has her solo career on the go - including recording with new star Jay Sean - but she feels more comfortable as part of a band.

‘There were arguments in the past, but all three realise it was because they were young, headstrong and finding fame hard to cope with.’

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