The Sugacubes? No that's taken too

The new Sugababes have stood their ground and said to the old Sugababes that if they reform, they musn’t perform Sugababes songs, and that they are very much banned from using the name Sugababes. Got that?

The new trio claimed that the old trio – Mutya Beuna, Siobhan Donaghy and Keisha Buchanan would still be able to perform the songs from the album One Touch, because that’s the only one that bares all of their vocals. The Sugababes name belongs to the record company that signed them up, and there’s nothing Mutya and her hypothetical reunion can do about it.

‘They could still perform them, but they can't use the name because it belongs to our record company who we signed to,’ sort of old Sugababe Heidi Range told Real Radio. ‘They wouldn't be allowed to use any of the songs except Overload, it would be like doing a cover.’

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