The Wait is over

Last August the Excite team experienced Tom Waits live in Dublin's Phoenix Park (you don't just 'see' Waits), after which we were heard to utter that we could now die a happy bunch of musos. Well now we've died and gone to heaven by way of a certain newly released Tom Waits Glitter and Doom Live Double CD.

The Double CD takes in various performances from Waits' 2008 tour: whether you were there or not you need to get your hands on this. This is Waits as Mephisto the storyweaver, grunting and roaring his way down through the roots of the tree of story Yggdrasil, and returning to impart his lore to us - the great unworthy.

For a look at the tour and the reasoning behind his choice of stops check out the magnificently Waitsian press conference on TomWaits.com.

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