The Wanted and One Direction peace summit

Camp David might have been a suitable venue, with Kofi Annan called in as a mediator, except that the boy bands with a grudge would have just said: "where?" and "who?". In the world of shallow and fleeting pop music though, the peace sumnmit between One Direction and The Wanted is a big deal.

There are certain cadres of music fans who might relish the idea of the two boy bands kicking lumps out of each other in a melee of hair spray, lip gloss and Clearasil. Instead the respective managements of the groups want them to bury the hatchet. And not in each other's perfectly-formed foreheads.

The feud has got a little bit silly and, as usual, Twitter must bear the brunt of the blame. The social media refuge for intemperate opinion and poor punctuation has been the battlefield of choice for One Direction’s Zayn Malik and The Wanted’s Max George.

George called out Malik for a punch-up in New York (presumably Nottingham or Wolverhampton just aren’t conducive to a fight between pop’s aristocracy). "Tell me you’re problems without the 8 security in NYC," George tweeted, throwing in that unnecessary apostrophe because he’s famous and can do what he likes. "The only problem I have with you is the sh*t banter. Grow up son."

Them’s fighting words, and Malik wasn’t backing down. "I’d f**king love to," Malik replied. "See you in New York big man ha u clown." He later referred to George as "chlamydia boy" which is unpleasant, but quite impressive with the spelling.

With everyone anticipating the most bloodshed in NYC since they cleaned up the Lower East Side, management rushed to calm things down. "With all the boys in the same city for a few days, it makes sense for them to meet up and have a drink together to prevent the feud escalating," a source told The Independent. "One Direction’s team are particularly keen to iron out any problems over fears the public spat is harming the group’s teen-friendly image."

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