The Wave Pictures: Beer in the Breakers

Rock and roll, that 'withered archetype', is a label so diffuse and unfashionable that it hardly merits mention in a serious review (wink wink). But rock and roll The Wave Pictures certainly are, and with Beer in the Breakers, the group's fourth album in as many years, Loughbourgh's finest three-piece remind us that 'progressive' music can take a number of forms.

Songwriter David Tatersall is one of a kind. His lyrics are cannily poetic takes on domestic dramas - homespun, but with a way of injecting the mundane with genuine poetic value that suggests that his is a rare gift indeed.

The opening lines to Blue Harbour (and the whole album): 'I swam out to greet you, left my wallet in my socks,' transport you to the band's world of mock-heroic feats and self-deprecating humour.

With summer coming up, perhaps the band took too literally the idea of a 'summer album' as the record is chock-filled with references to sea-side exploits; old slot-machines, seagulls, searching in rock pools and hotel breakfasts.

Traditional song-structures and a no thrills line-up of guitar, bass and drums back the vocals – it's simple and effective, and works because they all play their instruments so well. Even the guitar solos are good!

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