The Who honour original show tickets

Loyal fans of The Who are being rewarded for their patience. Fans who retained tickets from a cancelled show in Providence, Rhode Island have been told that the tickets will be honoured when The Who play the city in February 2013. What makes the promise unusual is that the cancellation occurred 33 years ago.

The manager of Providence's Dunkin' Donuts Center, formerly the Civic Center has said he will honour any tickets from the cancelled show on 17 December 1979. "If you got a 79 ticket we will find a way for you to come in and see the show," Lawrence Lepore, the arena's director told local radio station WPRO. "Somewhere, someplace, someone's got one stashed. The question is, are they willing to give that up? If they are, we're willing to take it."

The 1979 show was cancelled due to a tragedy during the 1979 tour. An overcrowded gig in Cincinnati had resulted in the death of 11 fans and the Providence mayor Buddy Cianci had demanded the cancellation.

Those tickets retailed at $14, although they would probably fetch a much higher price from collectors on ebay. Any that are redeemed will be sold to raise funds for the Special Olympics of Rhode Island. Otherwise tickets for the 2013 Quadrophenia tour will cost between $57.50 and $127.50.

The tour marks the 40th anniversary of the classic album. "We've been anxious to work together before we drop dead," guitarist Pete Townshend said. The band will play the album in full along with a handful of classics like Baba O'Reilly and Won't Get Fooled Again.

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