The Wind beneath Bette's Wings

If you thought Bert Bacharach and Dr Dre was a weird musical collaboration, or Elton John and one time raging homophobe Eminem, then brace yourself for this latest wonderfully odd pairing: 50 Cent and Bette Midler.

In an uncharacteristic display of cuddliness at Bette's Annual Spring Picnic, Fiddy talked about his feelings for his new friend: "Look how beautiful things are and how nice it feels when I'm around her. Me and Bette collaborating would be really hot. But I'd need to make something new for her. For the right song, we'd definitely get together."

Midler added: "He is one of the newest members of our tribe. He has really made my life worth living. 50 has been with me through thick and thin. I really can't rap, but I'd like to sing in the background on 'Get Rich or Die Tryin'." She continued: "He is such a gorgeous star - holy cow! He's like the Godfather of Jamaica, Queens."

The pair have been firm friends since Fiddy started helping Bette out on her New York Restoration Project, a charity which is currently focused on building a public garden in the rapper's old neighbourhood. The charitable duo had previously completed another garden project in New York 6 months ago, which was a roaring success and cemented the foundation of their friendship.

Is there a Wind Beneath my Wings with Fiddy effing and blinding over the top in the making? Yes please.

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