The Zutons big comeback

Music has been littered with lots of great rock n roll spats in the past (see The Gallaghers for more info) but occasionally some of them are quite literally hard hitting, like this one involving the singer from The Zutons, his head, someone’s nose and a bearded lady. Allegedly.

According to BBC News, The Zutons main man Dave McCabe appeared in court yesterday (20 Sept) because he head butted a man’s nose & broke it because he insulted the singer’s girlfriend by saying her coat made her look like she had a beard. The incident is said to have happened outside Liverpool’s Korova nightclub in February and was fuelled by alcohol.

McCabe admitted in court he was intoxicated after knocking back six pints of Guinness but refused to say he did anything to provoke the fight and it was merely self defence. The case continues and the bearded lady has yet to comment, allegedly.

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