Have a love for animals? Many theatre tickets in london for lion king!

The popular Lion King, an animated feature produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation has had us all stunned and amazed.  This legendary classic animation taking place in a kingdom of animals in Africa continues to be the highest animation film of history. The film was adored by many so it was decided to convert this into a musical so people could love the funny and witty characters even more!

The story is about young lion prince Simba, whose birth has pushed his evil uncle (Scar) back to second in line to the throne. Scar plots to kill both Simba and his father, King Mufasa, so that he can become the next king and can rule. Simba survives but is led to believe that his father died because of him and so he decides to flee the kingdom. Along the way Simba finds himself in company of some new unusual friends, a farting warthog called Pumbaa and a meerkat called Timon who look after him. When Simba has fully grown he is faced with the decision of whether to return to his kingdom which his evil uncle has almost destroyed.

Being held at the beautiful Lyceum Theatre with an amazing story line, fantastic characters and memorable songs, wouldn’t you want to come and watch this musical? The special effects are outstanding and the whole show is colourful and lively. The music is catchy with an impressive line-up as many songs are by Elton John and Tim Rice. The characters are strong and produce an enchanting performance whilst expressing their feelings and motives. The company is solid and professional with its upbeat performers, and their only aim is to entertain you! Any age group will love this, anybody who has an open mind and time to laugh will enjoy this fantastic musical! However, children under the ages of 3 are not permitted to into the Lyceum Theatre. This is a spectacular visual show, which transports the audience to a dazzling world.  The Lion King is a wonderful spectacle with so many animals brought to life by some stunning costumes, masks and special effects!

The theatre tickets in london for the lion king are up for grabs on ticketmaster.co.uk where you just have to enter The Lion King in the search box. Plenty of dates and ticket prices will appear where you can choose where you want to be seated and select the time you want to watch the musical and the tickets are from as cheap as £25! The dates are varied from May 26th all the way up to January 2012! Enjoy this musical, and you will want to watch it over again!

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