Them Crooked Vultures stream debut single

Ever since Josh Homme, Dave Grohl and John Paul Jones announced they were to form a super group by the name of Them Crooked Vultures, musos the world over have been peeing themselves with excitement over what their stuff would sound like; Queens Of The Stoneage? Led Zeppelin? Nirvana? Foo Fighters? All four? Well now they have to wait no longer thanks to a posting of their debut single online.

Called ‘Fang,’ the monster-of-rock track pounds along with a banging b-line courtesy of John Paul Jones, while heavily tracked with trademark Dave Grohl drums and BVs. But it’s Josh Homme's vivacious vocals that tear up the track, topping anything that he’s laid down with his regular employer’s Queens Of The Stone Age.

Enough of our waffling, have a listen to ‘Fang’ for yourself. Earplugs strongly advised.

Them Crooked Vulture will also be playing a venue near you in December (depending on where you live). Dates are;

Plymouth Pavillions (Dec 10) Portsmouth Guildhall (Dec 11) Blackpool Empress Ballroom (Dec 13) Birmingham 02 Academy (Dec 14) London Hammersmith Apollo (Dec 17)

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