There’s no Limb-it …

Conspiracy theorists have been hard at work to suggest that a sequel to Radiohead newie, The King of Limbs, is on the cards.

The surprise release on February 18th of the album, with the band announcing it only four days previously, suggests that more surprises could be in store. And fans are pointing to a number of spooky factors pointing towards this.

Exhibit A: the last track on The King of Limbs is called ‘Separator’. Maybe the album’s twin is on the way and this track separates the two?

Also, orders for the album have been numbered TKOL1 – why that ‘1’ if a second album wasn’t coming hot on its heels?

There’s a potent smell of fish to all this, and, as we all know, fish tastes better with a pinch of salt applied. But who would put it past Oxford’s favourite famous fivesome? Not us.

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