They aren't the resurrection

In news that is unlikely to shock anyone who has had to sit through a thousand and one lame duck band reunion stories, both John Squire and Ian Brown have denied that The Stone Roses will be getting back together. Must have been a funny line of communication that The Mirror had with them eh? Or maybe they just made it up.

The Mirror had said that the rest of the band had convinced Brown to do a 21-date tour of Britain and the States, which would have been timely considering that the 20th anniversary remastered version of their debut album.

However, Brown's publicist spoke to The Guardian and said that 'couldn't imagine it happening, Ian has a solo album that he's currently working and he's always said he won't do it', while Squire has also released a statement that the reports were 'unfounded'.

Next week: rumours of The Smiths reunion take hold, only for Johnny Marr to shove a spear through Gordon Smart's eye socket.

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