They can go **** themselves

The Libertines co-frontman Carl Barat has lashed out at people who wanted the Libertines to be more of a shambles at their recent Reading and Leeds festival shows, using lots of nasty swearwords in the process.

In an interview with top-notch music website The Quietus Barat suggests that those who thought they were too polished had swallowed a myth about the band’s live shows, and that they were there not for the music but for the chance to see a tabloid disaster live.

‘What were they expecting? These are the kind of people who want us to f**king punch each other, vomit and then jack up - and then cancel the gig. If that's what they want, then f**k 'em,' he said.

‘Those people can go f**k themselves. That's never what I've promoted, or what I've been in this band for. That's just something that's occurred. If people want to see that, there are other bands who like to fight.

‘The people who want to see that, do they not realise that it hurts somebody? That's why I'm being defensive about it. It's like somebody wants to see me f**king up. Do they want to see me put in front of a firing squad? This s**t hurts, it's real pain. Do they not realise that? What do they want for entertainment?’

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