They get along

There has been rumour, conjecture and various other bits of gossipy flim flam about The Libertines ever since they split up in 2004, most of it irritating twaddle about them maybe getting back together - one day. However, those days are hopefully forever, now that of both Carl Barat and Pete Doherty – who has become more famous for his drug taking and criminal record than his considerable musical talent – have agreed to reform the band.

At this stage they’ve only signed up to perform in the headline slot at Reading and Leeds Festivals (a deal for which the whole band celebrated with a drink-up in London, according to The Sun), but if all goes well they might get back in the studio and start working on new material, which is rather exciting.

‘They have agreed to play at Reading and Leeds. If it works out they will consider writing new material. The four of them only agreed to it after a secret rehearsal to see if it still worked.

‘Carl is nervous about the reunion because he is worried Pete could let him down again. But Pete's promised he will give his all for the gigs.’

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