They were coming to kill me

Cee Lo Green has undergone something of a transformation over the past decade or so. He used to be a key member in one of the original Dirty South hip-hop groups Goodie Mob, which wasn’t quite the feel good pop that he’s more famous for these days, and the music he was producing then was a reflection of his tearaway youth.

Green has said of his troubled younger days, in which his mother and father both died before he reach adulthood, that he was ‘just a plain maniac’, torturing animals, assaulting the homeless and mugging passers-by. It’s fair to say that he’s changed quite a bit, as this interview with the Daily Telegraph shows.

‘I was the polar opposite to how I am now. I was enraged. I was disgruntled, without an outlet. I took what I wanted, figuratively, literally. I was aggressive and I was pretty efficient with it - I took pride in that ability. I got up to be aggressive every day.

‘I'm lucky I survived. Back then if someone came to avenge something I had done, they were coming to kill me, definitely. But it never reached that point because my reputation extended so far that in our city there was no touching me without repercussions.'

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