They will always love her?

Whitney Houston may not be to the taste of some people but there is no denying that the singer is a bit of a warbling sensation. So if the ability to hang on to a note until all the oxygen in your body has bellowed out is impressive, then it’s definitely worth a wee excursion to see her live. That is unless it was last night, at the O2 Arena in London....

The I Will Always Love You screamer opened to a packed house at the former Millenium Dome but allegedly 25% of fans walked out early after she failed to hit the right notes. At one point her voice let her down so much that she had to abandon her song The Greatest Love Of All mid way through.

Naturally Twitter bore the brunt from disappointed gig goers, with one saying: ‘the concert should have been cancelled before it started. 25% of people walked out as voice was so poor.’ And another: ‘still coming to terms with shockingly bad Whitney Houston concert last night at O2. Complete train crash. Complete rip-off.’

If you’re going tonight or tomorrow night, then, er have fun.

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