Third Strike, first flop

Tough times for Tinchy Stryder: after the success of his previous album Catch 22 one might have predicted a similar storm up the charts from his latest effort Third Strike, but it wasn’t to be, with the record barely cracking the top 50.

Understandably Stryder, now London’s second most popular diminutive rapper after Tinie Tempah, is unhappy with the album’s showing, and when compared to Catch 22’s chart high of number two you can see why.

‘To be honest, how I wanted people to hear it, it might not have got to as many people,' said the rapper. 'Catch 22 - the previous album - the success of that commercially compared to Third Strike, it hasn't matched up.

‘It's weird because the music on Third Strike is much more musical and powerful and deeper. You learn more from failure than success - that's real key. When a couple of things don't go your way you understand and learn, and adjust what needs to be adjusted.’

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