This is it

Remember the start of the new millennium, when we all partied like it was 2001, and skinny-jeaned indie rock bands came back to save the NME from having to deal with stuff like black people and music performed by anyone who wasn’t a foppish public schoolboy recently moved to east London.

Anyway, the unwitting catalysts of that retrograde movement were The Strokes, who were actually rather fine, and who’s debut album ‘This Is It’ was quite a corker. Since then however it’s been something of a mixed bag from the native New Yorkers, but with their latest effort ‘Angles’, the group will be looking to reignite the indie fire, as once again working class black people make innovative, catchy pop. The racists (not really).

The band have released the track listing, which includes first single ‘Under Cover of Darkness’. The album is released on 21 March, so with any luck we’ll be able to relive our late teens. Hurray!

  • 'Machu Picchu'
  • 'Under Cover of Darkness'
  • 'Two Kinds of Happiness'
  • 'You're So Right'
  • 'Taken For A Fool'
  • 'Games'
  • 'Call Me Back'
  • 'Gratisfaction'
  • 'Metabolism'
  • 'Life Is Simple In The Moonlight'

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