This is the end

The Iconic Doors singer Jim Morrison has been pardoned nearl y four decades after his death for indecent exposure and profanity at a concert in Miami.

Governor of Florida, Charlie Crist, won the pardon, citing doubts over Morrison’s guilt and the official hostility to the counterculture at the time.

After a raucous performance in 1969 at a venue in Miami, police arrested Morrison, accusing him of dropping his trousers inciting the crowd after a drunken anti-authority rant.

Morrison was given a sentence of six months in prison and fined $500. But the singer never went to jail, moving to France while the case was on appeal. The following year Morrison was found dead in his bath.

Crist said that the evidence against the singer was weak and the authorities were out to get the star, who had a reputation for drug use and promiscuity.

Crist said: ‘It's not about the guilt or innocence of the man and it's not about retrying the case here today. That's not what this is about. We have had an opportunity for about 40 years for this son of Florida whose body of work has endured and has this blot on his record, if you will, for something that he may or may not have done when he was essentially a kid.’

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